Tank Mixing Eductors

Type 258 Tank Mixing Eductor Tank Mixing Eductors can be used to agitate liquids, dissolve powdered solids into a liquid, keep solids suspended in a solution, or to mix two or more liquids intimately within a tank or other vessel without the use of baffles or moving parts. Mixing Eductors can be used to in the place of mechanical agitators and have the added benefit of having no moving parts to wear, break or become dislodged within the tank.

Two types of Tank Mixing Eductor are available, the first type of eductor is more suited when it is desirable to start mixing from a shallow level or where uniform local agitation is required over large shallow tank area, where as the second eductor type is used where greater liquid depths are present. Installations can use any number and combination of sizes and styles of eductor and they can be mounted practically anywhere within the tank or vessel.

Tank Mixing Eductors function by the flow of pressurised or motive liquid passing through the nozzle. The motive liquid entrains suction liquid and the two are mixed intimately in the venturi. The mixture is then discharged into the tank. The motive liquid can either be taken directly from the tank by means of a circulating pump or it can be a new liquid. Typically, standard units are able to entrain roughly 3 cubic meters of suction fluid for each cubic meter of motive fluid, however special designs can be made to give any mixing ratio within the Eductors physical operating range.

Tank Mixing Eductors can also be used to fill the tank through the eductors motive nozzle. This has the added benefit of allowing the mixing/agitation to occur as soon as the level of liquid in the tank covers the suction port of the eductor.

Tank Mixing Eductors help to mix & agitate the liquid in three ways:

The mixing action of the eductor can quickly and efficiently create movement with the entire tank or vessel, and with correct positioning of the units, help to minimise dead spots with in the tank.

No other pumping & mixing device offers all these outstanding features:

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