Steam Jet Syphons

Type 217 Steam Jet Syphon Steam Jet Syphons operate on the steam jet principle utilising the energy of steam under pressure to pump, mix liquids and handle solids. In operation syphons use the kinetic energy of motive steam to entrain another liquid or slurry, completely mix the two, and then discharge the mixture against a head or counter pressure.

Syphons can be used for the handling of corrosive or abrasive liquids and solids because of their design simplicity and the absence of moving parts. They are also especially well suited for processes where heating is required in addition to pumping since the pumping is accomplished for the cost of the heating.

Steam Jet Syphons are used in large numbers throughout industry for pumping, mixing and heating operations, some of their uses can be seen below:

Steam Jet Syphons consist of three basic components, namely a converging nozzle, a diffuser (or venturi) , and a body to hold these parts in their relative positions and to provide a suction (or mixing) chamber. In addition, they can be equipped with accessories such as regulating spindles, snap valves and floats to control operation.

Syphons offer numerous advantages over conventional pumps, within the syphon there are no moving parts to wear or break and therefore no parts to require extensive maintenance. Since the syphon is small in relation to the work it does, the cost unit is correspondingly low. Syphons are easy to install and they may be located in remote and inaccessible places without requiring constant attention.

Steam jet syphons can also be made from practically any workable material. Depending upon service conditions units can be made from Cast Iron, Bronze, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Teflon, P.V.C., Kynar, Polyester Fibreglass, Hastelloy, Carbon Steel, or many other materials - this is a factor not available in most other pumping and mixing devices where special material prices are difficult to justify. Typical Syphon sizes range from 0.5 Inch to 3 Inch for the Type 217 and can be equipped with either flanged or screwed connections. The Type 219 Syphon is used where line sizes are 4 Inches and above and are typically equipped with flanged connections.

No other pumping & mixing device offers all these outstanding features:

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