Mott Porous Metal Filters

Mott HyPulse Filter System Venturi Jet Pumps (V.J.P.) are the UK representatives for Mott Corporations HyPulse® range of filters.

When it comes to developing efficient, long lasting process filtration systems, no other company has more experience, and as much to offer as Mott Corporation. Wherever gases, liquids or particulates are involved, Mott helps customers achieve their systems full potential. For decades, users of bag, plate and frame, and leaf filters have switched over to Mott for the distinct advantages that Mott systems provide.

Mott Corporations expertise all results from the fact that for almost 50 years, Mott has dedicated a significant percentage of its annual budget to research and development. To finding and solving the next problem. So, no matter what your next challenge turns out to be, first think of Mott. And then, think of the possibilities.

Mott never relies on “just enough” engineering. Products are routinely designed and tested to perform at the specified flows and differential pressures in pilot tests on-site or in our applications laboratory. Which is why each Mott system is designed for maximum process results, extended service life and optimum return on investment. Mott provides complete filter systems modularized to include all valves, instruments, controls, piping and gauges.

Mott has four ways to separate solids from liquids, and once we establish which method is best suited to your application, we can then begin creating your unique solution.

HyPulse® LSI

LSI filters incorporate inside-out filtration, a method and design unique to Mott Corporation. At the end of each filter cycle, solids are backwashed off the inside of the elements and discharged as a concentrated slurry or wet cake. Benefits include:

LSI Filter Cycle & Backwash Cycle

Mott HyPulse LSI Filter Mott HyPulse LSI Filter in Backwash Cycle

Inherently more efficient than traditional outside-in liquid solids filters, Mott HyPulse® LSI filters pass the slurry through the elements from the bottom-up and inside-out, resulting in less heel, minimal loss of filtrate, and easier discharge of solids.

HyPulse® LSM

LSM filters places inside-out filtration within a double open-ended design. High density solids are allowed to settle directly into the discharge hopper. LSM filters may be operated on a filter/backwash cycle schedule, or can be used as concentrators in a recirculating system.

Mott HyPulse LSM Filter

HyPulse® LSP

LSP filters offer conventional outside-in filtration for polishing low solid streams with solids concentrations below 100 ppm. Easy to use and maintain, LSP filters provide reliable, permanent filtration that outperforms other types of media in a number of ways.

Mott HyPulse LSP Filter

HyPulse® LSX

LSX filters provide uninterrupted filter cycle performance through cross flow filtration. Slurries flow through the open ended filter elements, allowing filtrate to exit the system on a continuous basis while particulate remains in the circulating system. This is the ideal filtration method for slurries with unique particulate characteristics, or for achieving maximum retention of valuable particulate such as expensive catalysts.

LSX Filter Cycle

Mott HyPulse LSX Filter

LSX Backwash Cycle

Mott HyPulse LSX Backwash Cycle

The tangential flow in Mott HyPulse® LSX filters make them especially well-suited to filtering out fine particulates, which tend to be held in suspension. LSX elements can be easily cleaned by backpulsing the filter while it remains on-line.

For further information about Mott Corporation or to find a representative local to yourself, please visit Mott here.

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