Mott Porous Metal Filters Applications

While applications including high temperatures and corrosive environments are Mott's speciality, any pressure driven filtration process with high operating costs is a potential opportunity for applying Mott products. Below are a few of the many applications Mott products serve.


Mott filter systems can be designed to handle high flow rates in continuous operations typically found in refinery applications. Hot hydrocarbon streams such as FCCU slurry oil, often require removal of catalysts and other particulate. Removal of catalyst fines and other particulate not only improve the oil product, it also improves downstream operating equipment by preventing fouling and reducing maintenance. For further information please see here.

Chemical & Petrochemical

Extreme temperatures, harsh elements and other factors contribute to hostile environments make Mott porous metal the ideal media for chemical/petrochemical filtration applications. Typical applications in this field include:

Food and Beverage

Stainless steel, our standard material of construction is also the material of choice in food processing. So Mott is very much at home in designing systems for the food and beverage industries. Motts ability to create fully automated systems that withstand high temperatures and support frequent cleaning has been applied to a variety of applications, such as:


As in food processing, Mott is helping pharmaceutical companies maximise productivity. Mott products are used in decolorization, steam filtration and catalyst recovery.

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